2014 Festival

We congratulate the winners of the 6th Nazim Hikmet Poetry Competition! The competition received over 1000 poems from 366 poets. The submissions came from 25 countries and 43 US states.


Lindsay R. Ahl (NM)

Les Bernstein (CA)

Myronn Hardy (NY)

Shadab Zeest Hashmi (CA)

Daniel Abdel-Hayy Moore (PA)

Glenis Redmond (NC)

Daniel N Terry (NC)

Ross White (NC)

Monika Zobel (Germany)

Claire Zoghb (CT)


Honorable Mentions:

Elizabeth Davis (NC)

Preston T. Martin (NC)

Sidney Wade / Efe Murad received the 2014 Divitci prize with their translations of Melih Cevdet Anday.

Sidney Wade

Efe Murad

The Meral Divitci prize for Turkish Poetry in Translation was established in 2014.  The prize, named in honor of the late Turkish poet and columnist Meral Divitçi was established by her family (Charlotte and Nezih Divitci) with the objective of encouraging translations of modern and contemporary Turkish poetry into English.  The competition is dedicated to translations of complete books of poems and it is administered by the Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival.


The selection committee members for the 2014 prize were:

John Balaban, Professor of English & Poet in Residence at NC State University
Erdağ Göknar, Associate Professor of Turkish & Middle Eastern Studies, Duke University
Mark Smith-Soto, Professor of Romance Languages, University of NC at Greensboro

On behalf of the Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival (NHPF), and the Divitici Family, we congratulate the winners.

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