2010 Festival

SponsorsTown of Cary

The poetry competition organized as part of this year's festival received over 500 poems from 175 poets. The selection committee included Kathryn Stripling Byer, Greg Dawes, Joseph Donahue, Jaki Shelton Green, and Hatice Örün Öztürk.


The following ten poets were selected as the winners of this year’s competition (In alphabetical order):



Kamal Ayyildiz

New York, NY




Melvin Kenne

Istanbul, Turkey  




C.P. Mangel

Chapel Hill, NC



George E. McKim

Raleigh, NC




Scott Rudd

Rochester, NY




Anya B. Russian

Greensboro, NC




Garrison M. Somers

Chapel Hill, NC




Celisa Steele

Carrboro, NC



Carolyn Beard Whitlow

Greensboro, NC



 Loftin Wilson

Carrboro, NC


Keynote Address

Mutlu Konuk Blasing is professor of English Department at Brown University.

Blasing works on American poetry, poetic theory, and translation. She has translated  Nâzım Hikmet’s work and has published eight books of translations. The latest are  Nâzım Hikmet: Human Landscapes from My Country and Poems of Nâzım Hikmet.


Poetry Spotlight

The festival guests had the joy of listening to poems read by Jeffery Beam, Joe Donahue and Jaki Shelton Green

Poetry Workshop 

A Poetry Workshop was hosted by Christopher Salerno as part of the 2010 festival.  All festival attendees (16 and up) were encouraged to attend the workshop, as there was no requirement or expectation of “skill” level whatsoever. The participants met in the spirit of Nazim, who celebrated life at all turns with a lyric grace and an utterly human poetic voice.  The group worked with a general prompt to sketch out a draft of a single poem using a basic set of poetic techniques, which were discussed and developed during the session. Participants were then encouraged to read and share aloud their efforts. 


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